Do not choose a name too simple.
Anyone using the same calc name will access your content.

Your calc will be deleted after one year of inactivity (no access, no modification), in order to avoid enlargement of our database indefinitely.

What is Framacalc?

A “calc“ is an online collaborative spreadsheet. Your data is automatically saved on the internet, and your friends can collaborate on the document at the same time. View all changes in real time!

Work together on your inventories, your surveys, your content, your meetings and much more!


  • Collaborative editing (several users connected to the same spreadsheet can simultaneously modify cells)
  • Many functions available (statistics, financial, mathematics, text, etc.)
  • Possibility to comment cells
  • Permanent and automatic backup
  • Basic graphs (histogram, lines, points)
  • HTML export, CSV
  • Document size: up to 100,000 lines

Framacalc documents are easy to share (just provide the address), to export (to HTML, CSV), are saved permanently and automatically, and remain always accessible by Internet

Want a demonstration?

Getting Started

The interface has some differences compared to other spreadsheets. They can be confusing.

If you need a hand, the answer to your questions may be there:


Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us.


Framacalc is based on free software Ethercalc.

Ethercalc is under CPAL license and uses many free libraries.

Cultivate your garden

To participate in the development of the software, suggest improvements or simply download it, go to the development site.